Welcome to Light Mind Meditation

This is a meditation app that guides you into the silent essence through profound wisdom. It delivers quotes to keep you inspired throughout the day, helping you stay in a clear state of mind wherever life takes you.

The Light Mind app conveys ancient spiritual teachings translated by Rama, an American teacher, in meaningful ways for living in today’s world. Quotes in the form of audio and text, set against beautiful photographic backgrounds, transport you into realms of wisdom and silence.

Through all of life’s ups and downs, Light Mind can shift and buoy you into greater perspective and brighter states of mind.

We believe that this app can make a positive difference at a time of confusion and disharmony, when people are questioning what really matters. Our intent is to bring bright nuggets of insight to anyone who wants an alternative to the noise.

The quotes are uplifting and can put you into a meditative mind state, while simultaneously teaching you techniques for going deeper, finding balance, and living with greater strength and joy. We hope that this app will make a difference in helping you maintain your strength, find your joy, and remain receptive to life’s wonders.

About Rama

Rama was born in 1950 in San Diego, California. He grew up on the East Coast, weaned on Rock N Roll and influenced by the 60's Counter Culture. He was attracted to Buddhism in his teens, and went on to study meditation with teachers from the East. After spending thousands of hours over many years in meditation and teaching, he became absorbed in a non-dualistic state of equanimity and brilliance called Samadhi. After a lifetime of service, Rama passed away in 1998. Rama taught that we are all capable of achieving clear, joyful, loving and powerful states of mind as we practice meditation and mindfulness. These teachings are presented in Light Mind. We wish you the best on your journey into Light.

To learn more about Rama, you can visit the Rama Talks Bio and The Frederick Lenz Foundation.

About the App

The quotes from Light Mind were taken from a talk series given by Rama in 1992 called The Enlightenment Cycle. He focuses on conveying the ancient teachings regarding Meditation and Mindfulness in ways that are relevant to this day and age. Rama is masterful in his understanding of Buddhism and Yoga and eloquent in his delivery of unique and practical ways to approach the many aspects of Self Discovery.

To hear the talks in their original form, you can visit The Enlightenment Cycle Talks.

Rama's Meditation Technique

Rama taught people a powerful meditation technique - to focus on the Chakras while listening to meditation music. Rama created a band, Zazen, and developed music to assist people in focusing, going beyond thought, and moving into higher states of awareness. Meditation always starts with focus, whether on breath or a visual focus such as a yantra, or a sound focus such as a mantra, or an energy focus, such as a chakra. Rama devised a way to infuse consciousness into the music so that meditating to the music while focusing on a chakra could move the meditator into unique, bright states of awareness as reflected in each of the songs. This technique of meditating to Zazen music is especially useful for beginners who would like guidance to shift from a mundane state of mind to higher awareness. It wasn’t possible to relay this teaching through quotes in this app since they would be out of context.

If you want to learn more about this meditation technique, you can listen to the entire Meditation Talk.

Meditation Music

You can download the albums Enlightenment for morning meditations and Canyons of Light for evening meditations.