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Light Mind Meditation offers quotes about meditation, mindfulness, and enlightenment. Ancient teachings are delivered directly to your phone so that you can stay in a clear state of mind wherever you are.

Quotes from Rama, an American teacher, are presented daily to inspire you – at work, at play, or wherever life takes you.

Open the ‘Meditate with Rama’ section to be guided into a beautiful meditation that will bring you clarity, understanding, and vision.

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Light Mind Meditation offers a window into greater depth at any point in the day. It's perfect for my busy schedule. My favourite feature is the self set timer for meditation and mindfulness teachings on the fly. Since using the app, I've found a sense of brightness and an increased confidence in my decision making. Highly recommended!

Many times I have opened the app to get a quote at random, and that quote was like a little magical fortune cookie; just what I needed to hear in that moment.

I can always find a moment during the day to listen to a quote. Whenever or wherever I am, whatever I'm going through, a quote is available to transform my state of mind in just one moment. I’ve had many moments where I was upset or confused or sad, and hearing the quote has zipped me right out of my emotional stupor.

This app is very calming. I love the speaker's voice, he really takes you somewhere. The quotes are very insightful and all the nature imagery is calming as well. I love the ability to star quotes as favorites and then come back to them later. Sometimes I go back to the same quote multiple times a day if it really resonates with me. I think other people will like it as much as I do!

Whenever I find myself stuck in a hectic day, the Light Mind Meditation app lets me take a step back from everything and get grounded in the present moment. It's so convenient to use and it helps me stay balanced.

Meditating to this app helps me control my thoughts. I challenge my mind to be as quiet as possible in the intervals between the quotes, but if the thoughts run out of control, right in time a new quote comes. Then new insight brings me back to my silent mind!

This app is a great support for self-discovery in daily life. I can enjoy the ability to enjoy quotes of timeless wisdom in many ways, from quote reminders and meditations to listening to the quotes of my choice. I love the photos, they transport me. It's ancient wisdom in my pocket.

I like meditating with this app. There is a meditation feature where you hear quotes on a periodic interval. It's guided meditation - the speaker is sharing teachings and insights to help me get past my physical fixation. I like Light Mind Meditation because it's different from so many of the other meditation apps out there. It's fun to have different ways to meditate.

Before going to sleep, I listen to one last quote. In the silence of my room, the words hover in the air as the last thing I hear that day. It feels like a final exhale to release whatever lingering tension I may still carry so that I can start the next morning anew.

Listening to these quotes has helped me stay connected to my life with more positivity and perspective. Once during lunch break, I decided to pop my headphones in and listen to a quote. 'Eternity is right here, right now'. In that moment, I was ignited into the understanding that life is much more brilliant than I had thought. I became aware of how I had allowed the moments of my day to slip by without appreciating them.

This app tunes me in to what matters and always brings a smile to my heart. Thank you to the creators of this meditation technology.

Light Mind Meditation has given me a beautiful way to interface with higher wisdom throughout the day, and gives me a chance to just slow down and listen to teachings on meditation and mindfulness. Sometimes, I get a quote that helps strengthen my intent or reminds me of things I have forgotten throughout the day.

Light Mind is shiny and beautiful!! Photos of nature combined with quotes in a moving voice directly connect me to beauty and the moment. Hearing the wisdom ‘stops the world’ for me in those moments and helps me to continue my meditation practice.

The Light Mind Meditation app never ceases to amaze me with what words of wisdom it has to share in any given moment. It's not just an app with preconfigured data extracted randomly out of a database—it is wisdom in app form, sending perfect words of encouragement straight out of the database of existence when I need them the most!

A pop-up quote on my phone is a personal text-message from the highest wisdom. Every day I'm reminded to live in my strength, to be grateful, to stay humble, and to seek truth; I see more clearly the best directions to take in life.

Light Mind lets me access clarity in any moment. I schedule quotes before my morning meditation, during my lunch break, and sometimes in the afternoon. It makes it so that I can stay centered throughout the day.

Hearing powerful words of wisdom from the Light Mind Meditation app throughout the day helps me stay positive and act mindfully. It helps me to stay real and bring an authentic, kind spirit to my interactions with myself and others.

This app helps me to cope with stress and tough situations when I need perspective outside myself. The Daily Quote says just what I need to hear in that moment.

When my energy feels stagnant, the Light Mind Meditation app inspires and reinvigorates me with profound quotes, teachings, and wisdom!

If you’ve found your way to this app, you’re going to be very pleased. It is for anyone and everyone wanting to break out of the mundane and live life with awareness.

I’ve learned more about love, compassion, humor, and awareness here than on any other app. It continuously helps me to see new doorways in my life.

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